Home Moving

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 it is now more important than ever to keep homes safe by sanitising them, so when it comes to moving you want it to be safe for your buyers and safe for you in your new home.

Unless the properties has been empty for 72 hours, it’s not safe and there is a potential risk that Coronavirus  could be lurking in the property either for your buyers or for you.

The only way to ensure that the properties are Coronavirus  free is to have them disinfected using a professional technique called fogging. Fogging is a tried and trusted technique that produces tiny droplets that are easily diffused in the air of the area being treated, which then settle on the surfaces. In this way, fogging kills both airborne and surface germs.

Red Wellies Fogging is here to help you and give you piece of mind. To check availability and pricing please call or email us or use the form below. Price depends on location and size of the property, a typical house is approximately £145